JR's Photo Pages
The pictures on these pages are of me at various stages and weights both pre-op and post-op...JR
Left: 1995 in the midst of chemo (300-350#)
Right: December 1998 at Disney World (~400#)
Left: July 1998 - my photo from my SMS badge (~400#)
Right: My WLS Angel Mags & I at HUP Support Group - Dec 2002 (301#)
Left: At the HUP Grad Support Group Meeting - Sep 2003 (235#)
Right: Hershey II WLS Gathering - Ian is on my right (~230#)
Left: Mags and I as she's getting ready to leave the hospital after her gallbladder surgery (226#)
Below: Side-by-side pics of Mags and I in 12/02 (left) and 10/03 (right)